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Choosing between a Hardside and Softside Waterbed

The original waterbed was a hardsided waterbed, a simple box frame to contain the water mattress. Waterbeds have evolved to softside waterbeds with many improvements.

Softside Waterbeds

A Softside Waterbed is a divan styled waterbed, making them more versatile in looks and tailored to suit your bedroom design. I now sleep on a softside waterbed and the bruises on my shins have all gone. The soft foam surrounds make it easier to get in and out of. Softside Waterbeds have increased in popularity. They have the appearance of a conventional divan bed, making it more versatile. By simply changing the style and colour of the headboard it will completely change the look to suit your bedroom. You can try this on our Build-A-Bed feature. Another benefit is the zip-off cover that can be washed in the washing machine. We offer a choice of two qualities to suit your budget. The Olympia is our standard quality and for an additional £100 it is worth upgrading to the Olympia Deluxe. The split system ensures much longer life expectancy of the foam sides.

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Hardsided Waterbeds

Hardside Waterbed is available in a range of frame styles. The hard frame is designed to incorporate the waterbed mattress. My first waterbed was a hardside waterbed many carefree years ago in California. It was a simple box 9" (23cm) deep to contain the waterbed mattress. The support, comfort, hygiene and warmth were bliss and my back problem was cured within three nights. I do remember the bruises on my shins from walking into the corner of the hard frame. Climbing over the hard edge to get in and out was something I got the knack of but I know many of our customers struggle. Although not as practical as the softsided waterbeds for several reasons, including how difficult it is to get the mattress protector and sheets to stay on. Our range of hardside waterbeds have evolved to include some beautifully handmade pine and upholstered frames.

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Waterbeds and Prices

The problem with buying online is that you will not see what you will get for your money. A picture of a high quality water bed looks the same as a picture of a cheap bed. There are several qualities of waterbeds for sale. Generally online retailers without waterbeds on display will sell cheap waterbeds at low prices because nine times out of ten internet surfers are looking for the lowest price. Those retailers with a High Street shop will offer higher quality as they rely on word of mouth from satisfied customers. Selling a better quality product obviously means a higher price.

  • Waterbed Conditioner. Should be added to the water every six months to eliminate bacteria and extend the life of the waterbed mattress.
  • Waterbed Mattress. The component that gives the support and comfort. We offer two qualities, Deluxe and Standard. With only £50 difference the standard quality maybe a false economy.
  • Waterbed Safety Liner. Waterbed mattresses will not last forever. When the mattress reaches the end of its life the vinyl will become brittle and may leak. This is no problem because the water will be contained in the safety liner.
  • Waterbed Frames. For hardsided waterbeds are essentially a box designed to incorporate the mattress, liner and heater. To make the frame a feature with nice headboard and even footboard we have a range of handmade pine, painted and upholstered surrounds.
  • Waterbed Washable Covers. Essential to create an air gap between you and the mattress. For softsided waterbeds the thick luxury quilted cover will zip off to go in the wash. The old type frame bed has a mattress protector with corner pockets which are not so easy to fit. A spare is always a good idea for hygiene, one on the bed and one in the wash.
  • Waterbed sheets. Despite the traditional British housewife attitude to cotton sheets ours are more comfortable and practical. Made in Germany, 97% cotton. 3% elastan to allow the fabric to stretch. A fully elasticated skirt stays snug all night. Not cheap but worth it!
  • Waterbed manufacturers. High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd have a factory in Chichester, West Sussex and a retail shop in Portsmouth and Southsea, Hampshire covering the UK and worldwide. High quality, low factory prices and excellent service have ensured our success through customer recommendation.
  • Why buy a waterbed? If you have never slept on a waterbed your imagination and the myths (created by people who have never tried one) are your worst enemies. Those that have previously had one know better and will always choose the bed that offers the very best of everything.

At High & Dry Waterbeds you can visit our retail shop in Portsmouth, Hampshire or our factory showroom in Chichester, West Sussex. If you are considering buying from us online we show our high quality and cheap waterbed ranges of beds and waterbed mattresses which are all sold at our low factory prices.