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Adjustable Bed FAQ's

Back Care Beds Adjustable Bed FQA's

Adjustable Bed Testimonial

After buying several beds, I realised that the adjustable bed offered me everything I ever wanted! I can now sit up at night, read my book and not worry about several pillows to support me.

- Mr Bidd - East Cosham

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is a bed that can be raised and lowered using a electric hand control, at the head end, the foot end or both simultaneously to profile the bed for your personal comfort. It is a specially built base, frame and finished with the correct type of mattress made for this purpose. The advantage of an adjustable bed over a non-adjustable bed is that you can individually customise your side of the bed. At the touch of a button the contour of the bed can be set to your personal requirements.

The Serena Adjustable Single BedsThe Serena Adjustable Twin Bed
Simplicity Adjustable BedsNursing Medical Beds

Do your adjustable beds use much electricity?

No, you need very little power to raise and lower an adjustable bed. Current is only drawn whilst the adjustable bed is being raised

Does the bed need special wiring?

No, adjustable beds use a standard household plug and the electric motors attached to the bed are fully insulated.

What is a twin adjustable bed?

This is two bed bases specially designed to incorporate two adjustable bed mechanisms allowing one person to have their side in an upright position while the other can lay flat. This avoids arguments.

What are the different types of adjustable bed mechanisms that you make?

We have the standard adjustable bed mechanism with motors attached to allow the head and foot ends of the bed to be adjusted up or down independently. This is suitable for the majority of people for comfort, mobility and medical needs.

A 4 motor system for more specific needs. This has a 5 part mechanism, with a 4 motor system which adjusts the back and neck independently of each other. Giving additional benefits by also adjusting the upper thigh and lower legs independently. The profiling and lifting bed uses the standard 5 part adjustable profiling bed with the addition of an integral raise and lower facility with motors (2 for profiling the bed, and 2 for lifting the bed) This is only available as a three foot (3’) width bed.

An alternative method of having a height adjustable bed is by combining a power lifter which has a scissor lift, suitable for adjustable bed bases with a 400mm height adjustment. This can be used with a range of different bed bases and widths.
The Westmont adjustable bed offers a high degree of comfort and a contemporary design. It does not have loose cables, dust susceptible mechanics and motors which can be seen. This extremely strong ingenious adjustable bed has everything hidden  within the framework. The extra quiet drive mechanism is run by 4 low voltage maintenance free motors and with infrared-remote control is easily operated.

For those with severe mobility problems we have a range of medical nursing beds.

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Can I use any type of mattress on an adjustable bed?

No, the mattress needs to be specifically made for adjustable beds so that it is able to profile with the bed. The main mattresses that we supply with our adjustable beds are Memory Foam mattresses, Reflex foam mattresses, and specially developed pocket sprung mattreses

What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is viscous-elastic polyurethane foam. It was originally designed by NASA to protect astronauts against the effects of G-force on lift off and re-entry. It very quickly became popular with hospitals for burn victims, bedridden patients and patients with special needs. It is one of the best types of mattress for use with adjustable beds as it will conform totally to the shape of the bed and the sleeper. It completely eliminates localised pressure on the body, which occurs at the hips, arms and shoulders, resulting in impaired circulation and numbness, stiffness or pain, thus giving the sleeper the best nights sleep possible.
Did you know we also manufacturer memory foam Mattresses? We Use foam supplied by ‘British Vita’ Meeting the highest standard of ‘Memory Foam’ and ‘Reflex Foam’

Will a Memory Foam Mattress get hotter?

Our memory foam mattresses will only warm to your body temperature. And combined with our thick ‘Zip Off Washable Cover’ You should not sweat any more than normal. However, if you do have a problem with sweating as some people do naturally, we have a solution. Anti Perspiration Pad To reduce sweating

What is a Reflex mattress?

Reflex mattresses are constructed of utilising the very latest Advanced Polymer Technology (APT), therefore able to mould with an adjustable bed. For maximum individual comfort reflex mattresses are available in various degrees of firmness.

Will I still be able to use my bedding?

Yes, so long as your bedding fits the bed size ordered then there is no problem. We do also supply specially made fitted sheets in various colours. These are elasticated to remain a slug fit even when the adjustable bed is raised at the head and foot ends. Normal sheets would become baggy.

Does the mattress come with a mattress cover?

Yes, all our mattresses come with a beautifully quilted casing with zip off washable top.

What is a Memory Foam Topper?

If your mattress is in good condition and under the age of about 5 years, and all you need is something to add comfort and support, then a Memory Foam Topper can work very well until you decide to change the bed.

Will the adjustable bed frame fit within a conventional bed base?

An adjustable bed will fit within many conventional bed bases depending on the type of bed base; this can be discussed with our adjustable bed advisors.

Can I have drawers in my bed?

Yes, with an adjustable bed it is only possible to have the drawers in the foot end of the bed. Drawers in the sides would have to be made very shallow or the bed base made deeper due to the internal motor and mechanism. With non-adjustable beds the drawers can be large drawers in the sides or ends, they can be large and small to allow for clearance for bedside cabinets, and many more combinations. Because we make the bed to your individual requirements all you need to do is discuss with the adjustable bed advisor what is best suited to your needs.

What sizes do the beds come in?

Single bed - Widths are 2’3”, 2’6”, 2’9”, 3’, 3’6”, 3’9”, 4’, and 4’6”. Lengths are 6’3”, 6’6”, and 7’
Twin bed   - Widths are 4’6”, 5’, 5’6”, and 6’ Lengths are 6’3”, 6’6”, and 7’

Is the hand control easy to use?

Yes, the touch control comes with raised buttons with a little illustration that is extremely easy to use, even in the dark.

Do your adjustable beds come with a guarantee?

There is a FIVE year guarantee with the adjustable bed mechanism and motor, if you are not happy with any part of the bed or mattress then you only nee to contact us and we can assist. Your selection of mattress will have it’s own separate guarantee.

How do I place an order?

Fill out your contact details on our build a bed page and one of our adjustable bed advisors will either phone or email you straight away or the following day. Or simply call our freephone number to discuss your requirements.

How long do I have to wait for delivery after placing an order?

A bed normally takes 2 to 3 weeks as they are handmade to your personal specifications. This can be reduced if you are in desperate need. We do hold several adjustable beds of popular sizes and colours in stock

Is the bed easy to install?

Yes, full instructions are on the website and are easy to download.

Will you deliver your adjustable bed?

Yes, there is a nominal charge.

Can you fit and install the bed?

Yes, it takes approximately one and a half to two hours. Please contact Bed Tech for more information.

Can you deliver to other countries?

Yes, any shipping costs would be charged for and we would organise this for you.

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Adjustable bed FAQ's from Back Care Beds

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