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High & Dry Waterbeds and Adjustable Electic Care Beds

If you have recently purchased a bed from Back Care Beds or High and Dry Waterbeds then please email us your feedback on both the bed and our service. Many thanks for your time and support.

Back Care Beds Adjustable Electric Bed Testimonials

I am delighted with my new adjustable bed, it has helped my aches and pains so much. My back feels so much better, I would say to anyone with a bad back, buy an adjustable medical bed from Backcare Beds.
Mrs J Buckle (Baffins, Portsmouth, Hants.)

I am sleeping so much better, buying this adjustable bed has changed my life. It has made me very happy.
Mr I Johnson (Glasgow)

I have had my adjustable bed for two months now, I use it several times a day to ease the aches and pains from my back. I would like to have one built into my car! Buying this bed has made me a new man.
Mr Steve Tipping (Darwen)

It is wonderful that I can get up in the morning without pain. Backcare Beds offers a lovely service, very helpful and friendly with great knowledge on medical adjustable beds.
Ms Furze (Copnor, Portsmouth, Hants)

The adjustable bed and adjustable mattress have relieved the pain in my back, neck and legs. It is like what my mother used to say. "You need two things in life, a good pair of shoes and a good bed! If you aint in one you are in the other!" I would recommend this type of bed to everyone.
Mr Guy (Waterlooville, Hants)

Even more adjustable bed testimonials

Thank you John, the adjustable bed you supplied has helped us sleep so much better. I don’t think we realised how bad our old bed was until we bought the new bed.
Mr & Mrs Guy - Purbrook

After several visits to the Backcare beds shop in Elm Grove, we decided to buy an adjustable bed. I asked why my back was hurting so badly, the help offered was great! I was told that it was due to two reasons, either I was sleeping in the wrong bed or sleeping incorrectly. The adjustable bed offered us a better night’s sleep.
Mr & Mrs Meaghan - Rowlands castle

Thanks very much for your help last weekend on the phone to help us put our bed together, your instructions were invaluable. The bed looks beautiful and is extremely comfortable. Thanks again.
A.D Stacey - La Croisille Sur Briance, France

I recently bought a bed for my mother from Back Care beds. I spoke with John over the phone and I can truthfully say that he was one of the most helpful and least pushy sales people I have ever dealt with. This ensured that my mother was sold the correct product and she is now sleeping much better than before. Thanks a lot guys.
Sean Tonery - London

After buying several beds, I realised that the adjustable bed offered me everything I ever wanted! I can now sit up at night, read my book and not worry about several pillows to support me. The adjustable frame offers a solution for all people.
Mr Bidd - East Cosham

Thanks John for helping me buy this brilliant adjustable bed! I shout this out to you and all friends and family. Adjustable beds are great for back care, back problems, back pains, and my new bed has given me the best nights sleep ever! Thanks again to John at Backcare Beds of his help and I look forward to the free pint for writing this!!
Mr King - Portsmouth

My new adjustable bed has been a great investment and it went down a hit with the grand children!
Mr N Wyat - Southsea

It's fantastic! Absolutely perfect when you have back pains! You don't have to do anything when getting in or out of the bed. I really would like to thank John and the team at Backcare Beds! I used the build an Adjustable bed program they have on the website and it really helped me understand what it was I was buying. With such a selection of adjustable beds on the market build a bed was brilliant!
Mrs Evans - Cosham

Thanks to John at Back Care Beds we are sleeping much better, our adjustable bed offers great comfort and has helped us not only to sleep much better but also carry out day to day tasks! A good night’s sleep really makes a big difference to the way your day goes!! Thanks again John.
Mr Harris - Gosport

Thank you for my bed. It has helped my back, shoulders, hips, and pelvis so that the spine is kept straight. I was also sold a brilliant mattress that will contour to my shape, allowing my hips and shoulders to sink in comfortably.
Mrs Parkin - Southsea