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Low Cost Memory Foam Mattress

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Additional information about our ‘Low Cost Memory Foam Mattress’

Memory Foam MattressBuying an adjustable bed may be a major investment. It is easy for a sales person to say “don’t worry, with our best mattress, it will only cost around seven hundred pounds” that’s ok but it’s not their money. Quite often the profiling bed is just one of many other necessary purchases and the most expensive is not an option.

High Quality Pocket Spring Mattress for adjustable beds

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

This blog is written to give additional advice and information relating to our ‘High Quality Pocket Spring Mattress‘ designed specifically for adjustable beds.

Pocket sprung mattress

mattress for adjustable beds

Designed and constructed using the highest quality materials in order to overcome a problem. ‘What problem is that?’ I hear you ask. Use your imagination and visualize what happens when a pocket spring mattress is used on an adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds for use with Trade Login area

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

The descriptions and the following images are an index intended for the use of trade customers. High resolution images can be accessed in the ‘Trade login area’

Image 60


Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds

The image above shows the Serena adjustable bed. The mechanism has the head and foot ends slightly raised. Option one of build an adjustable bed online asks if you require single or twin beds.

The most popular size of a single electric adjustable bed is 3′ (90cm) width but our range of singles start at 2’3″ (69cm) and go up to our widest which is 4′ (120cm)

The adjustable bed in this photograph is shown in the very popular Ivory suedette. There is a basic choice of four colours however, should you have a customer with specific ideas on colour and material we can manufacture the base to individual requirements. There would be an additional charge.

The images do not specify which adjustable bed mattress has been selected but we have additional photographs that show the construction of each of the five mattresses in our range. (more…)

Cheap single & twin electric adjustable beds Manufactured in Hampshire

Thursday, May 19th, 2011


I will begin with a little warning about the expression ‘You get what you pay for’. This is quite often the case. Example, a cheap 500 piece socket set made in China for £5.00 and twenty litres of diesel. What did you expect when the ratchet slipped on the first nut you tried to undo? However, there are unscrupulous firms that have literally cashed in on this expression. By over inflating their prices to the public and some impressive marketing, customers are led to believe that the more they spend the better the product. An example which is totally unrelated to adjustable beds which hopefully means I am less likely to get in trouble again. Stella beer, the marketing is great, the slogan ‘reassuringly expensive’

But ask any of the lads what pint they really fancy, and it will be one of the normal cheap beers. Sorry, none of the beers are cheep anymore.  The one that will order the Stella is the one trying to impress his mates that he is a connoisseur even if he hates the taste Back to the adjustable beds.