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Adjustable beds for use with Trade Login area

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

The descriptions and the following images are an index intended for the use of trade customers. High resolution images can be accessed in the ‘Trade login area’

Image 60


Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds

The image above shows the Serena adjustable bed. The mechanism has the head and foot ends slightly raised. Option one of build an adjustable bed online asks if you require single or twin beds.

The most popular size of a single electric adjustable bed is 3′ (90cm) width but our range of singles start at 2’3″ (69cm) and go up to our widest which is 4′ (120cm)

The adjustable bed in this photograph is shown in the very popular Ivory suedette. There is a basic choice of four colours however, should you have a customer with specific ideas on colour and material we can manufacture the base to individual requirements. There would be an additional charge.

The images do not specify which adjustable bed mattress has been selected but we have additional photographs that show the construction of each of the five mattresses in our range. (more…)

No Sweat Mattress Pad

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

No Sweat Mattress Pad

A common disturbance to a good night sleep is sweating. The cause may be that you have a mattress that does not allow air circulation between yourself and the mattress surface, or that there is no air circulation within the mattress itself. A ‘No Sweat Mattress Pad’ is the best mattress protector to give mattress ventilation. The way the ‘no sweat mattress pad’ works is to simply create an air gap between you and the mattress surface


If it is so wonderful, why did no one think of it before?

Until recent advances in material technology, most mattress protectors were made from a combination of polyester and cotton (poly cotton) with a layer of polyester fiber quilted in between. This serves its purpose quite well as the fiber layer creates an air gap which does reduce the sweat problem. Unfortunately laying on the mattress pad or mattress protector compresses the fiber and so it is no longer a breathable mattress protector. The ‘no sweat mattress pad’ is different and is only made possible through very recent technological advances. This hi-tech material solves the problem of sweating by actually creating an air gap and maintaining an air flow even when you are laying on it.

In these pictures it is possible to see how the air gap in the ‘No Sweat Mattress Pad’ is created by a pile yarn holding the soft top and bottom layers apart

new no sweat mattress pad

Amazing new no sweat mattress pad to reduce sweating

This pile yarn is controlled during its manufacture to create the perfect hardness, loft and spring characteristics to give the perfect properties for mattress ventilation.


Soft feel mattress pad with spacer fabric

A No Sweat Mattress Pad gives the best mattress ventilation


Cheap adjustable beds

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Cheap adjustable beds on the internet are exactly what they say except they don’t mention cheap quality. It is possible for an manufacturer to cut out the wholesaler to reduce the price. Retailers are not in the same position, and I won’t say “fortunate position”. Adjustable bed manufacturers supply retailers and work on very small profit margins only to be told that they will not buy from them  if the manufacturer sells direct to the public. The reason is simple, after adding the retail profit margin and accounting for the colossal overheads of a retail shop, there is no way that a retailer can afford to compete with the adjustable bed manufacturer.

So how does a retailer reduce their selling price? Simple, reduce the buying price of the adjustable bed mattress and base. The manufacturer is already supplying at a low profit margin in order to compete, so to reduce the price he must reduce the quality. Something has to give, you can’t get something for nothing. (more…)

Profiling and lifting height adjustable bed

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

If you require an adjustable bed but you also need it to be height adjustable.

In situations where an adjustable bed is needed and professional carers are employed it will be a requirement for the bed to be height adjustable as well as having head and foot end adjustment.  There are two types of mechanism that will raise the bed but we have discontinued the power lifting mechanism   in favour of  the all in one profiling and lifting mechanism. profiling-and-lifting adjustable bedIn our opinion the profiling and lifting adjustable bed mechanism is far safer to use. The mattress will sit at a lower height as a starting point. It will also be more sturdy having a larger footprint than the power lifter. Because the mechanism sits within the bed frame rather than free standing on the floor it will be easier to move because it will use our normal castors with brakes.

The only downside is that it is more expensive and will increase the cost of the adjustable bed. At the time of writing this, you would need to add £650 to our build a bed feature. Considering all the benefits, the extra cost is worth paying.

If the profiling and lifting mechanism is to be used next to another bed, a risk assessment should carried out by a professional.