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A Genuine ‘thanks’ to High & Dry Waterbeds.

My name is Paul, (the good looking one on the left)  I’m 52 and was born with spina bifida. As a result I spend my days in my wheelchair and like most of us I spend my nights in bed. This is where my story begins back in 1986 when doctors found a cyst on my right ankle. Incidentally this was the year of the Mexico world cup.

Three years later the cyst on my ankle would not heal due to the pressure from my mattress. It was so serious that the doctors were considering amputating my foot.

In 1989 I visited some friends that happened to own a waterbed. I figured they must have been crazy or kinky or both. They loved it so much that they went on and on about how good it was and said I could try it because it would be good for my back and legs. I can honestly say that night changed my life. I slept so well, and although the cyst didn’t normally hurt I could tell that I had found the solution. (Still got my legs as you can see)

Me & Peter in the waterbed shop

Me & Peter in the waterbed shop

Even back then High & Dry Waterbeds had a shop in Portsmouth. I was up against it for money so I bought myself a simple style pine hardside waterbed. It was absolutely brilliant for comfort and nice and warm in the winter. The only problem I had was that I was finding it a struggle to transfer in and out of the wheelchair over the solid pine edge

Ten years later, at the Southsea Show High & Dry were exhibiting their new range.

The stand was packed and as an existing owner I ended up explaining all the benefits of a waterbed to half the population of Portsmouth who seemed far more convinced by someone who has one than someone trying to sell one. I think that’s why they have survived so long in business on recommendation. (I don’t remember getting a commission) I talked to John the owner and Paul who runs their production about the issue. They were brilliant. They took my hard frame to their factory and upholstered it like the bed in the range called the ‘Bliss’ and I can assure you it was.

I am known for my rather big mouth so I told all my friends including Peter (the ugly one on the right) who subsequently went to their new shop in Southsea and bought a soft side waterbed. He had to go one better than me.

That was many years ago and finally my waterbed mattress got a leak. I went with Paul to the shop to buy just the mattress. The softside waterbeds were on display which I tried and fell in love with. It was so easy for me to transfer and the zip off washable cover was much better.


The perfect waterbed for me

The perfect waterbed for me

I don’t want to make this a political debate but since this coalition got in the cut backs have been devastating to thousands who like me are struggling day to day. Fortunately John saved the day again and suggested that he could supply just the top section and reuse my existing drawer base, headboard and waterbed heater. Although the replacement waterbed mattress would only have cost £289 I decided that my health was worth the price. So it has been a long journey but I have finally got the perfect bed. A sincere thanks for improving my life, no pressure ulcers sores or cysts and I sleep like a baby.

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