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Advantages and disadvantages of dual waterbed mattresses

This information is aimed at anyone buying a new water bed or replacing an existing waterbed mattress.

Let’s assume you have never owned a water bed before. It is most likely that a friend has suggested it to you because they have heard you moaning about your bad back. So, who can give you impartial advice? High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd have been supplying retailers with individual and dual waterbed mattresses for the past twenty three years and have feedback from thousands of very happy customers.

Starting with your choice of mattress stability. Check out our short youtube video for a little guidance. Ninety percent of our retail customers will choose the super stable waterbed mattress, often referred to as 95% or one second. All these terms relate to the time it takes for the water movement to settle.

Comfort and support are achieved by adjusting the water levels. If the bed is for yourself as an individual then adjusting the water bed mattress to suit is straight forward. Adding water will make the mattress firmer whilst removing water will make it softer.
If the waterbed is for two people as a couple then a balance needs to be made to allow for the water displaced by the other person.  A couple of reasonably average weight, achieving this balance is no problem. The problem comes when one or both partners are above average weight. In order to find the best balance a compromise may need to be made. With only one person on the bed the waterbed mattress will need to be set soft to allow for the displacement of the other person. Depending on how heavy you are, there is a point where it would be advisable to opt for dual water bed mattresses, generally when a happy compromise cannot be reached.

The obvious advantage of twin waterbed mattresses is that each side will be individually adjustable to suit each person for perfect comfort. Twin water bed mattresses require temperature control for each side. This can be an additional benefit if you can’t agree on what temperature to set the waterbed heater.

The only disadvantage is that dual waterbed mattresses and an additional heater are considerably more expensive.

Here’s something I’ve been told on a romance point. (Not that I would know) Each of the dual waterbed mattresses contains half the volume of water of an individual mattress. This means that if two people happen to be on the same mattress at the same time there is very little volume for the water to be displaced to and so will be very firm. This is not ideal for when you are trying to sleep but hey hoe, who’s trying to sleep?!

Unlike adjustable beds there is little or no money being spent on marketing. The British Waterbed Association used to do a good job of promoting the many benefits such as comfort, support, warmth and hygiene. The BWA was recently disbanded due to the lack of specialist water bed shops in the UK. For this reason recommendation is the most common reason people consider a waterbed.  As a result we aim to ensure customers decide on the most suitable water bed mattresses for their needs, in turn recommending High & Dry Waterbeds to friends and family.

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