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The convenience of an adjustable bed

How often have you been lying in bed and felt the need to elevate your upper body  and feet  for that perfect position to watch television, read a good book , work on your laptop ,enjoy breakfast in bed or just kick back and relax but the pillows you stacked up just kept shifting  every time you moved? Now you don’t have to worry about precariously balanced pillows because you are in your adjustable bed that will raise your upper body to just the right position. The natural sitting position will offer a far greater level of comfort than you can possibly achieve with a stack of pillows.

Serena adjustable bed

Adjustable bed with option 3 headboard

The bed shown above is from our Serena single electric adjustable bed range. Our company, High and Dry Manufacturing Ltd design and produce adjustable beds to operate simply and efficiently allowing the user to raise or lower the head and the foot ends of the bed as desired. Imagine lying in bed, simply press the button on your handset to set the electric bed in any variety of supportive positions to give you maximum comfort when reading, watching TV, eating and especially sleeping. In this way you will reduce any straining of the back and neck.

The most difficult part of buying an adjustable bed is deciding what features you require. There are several features to be considered according to the size of your room, type of mattress and the overall look of your new bed. At Back Care Beds we give you an easy step by guide of how to choose your ideal profiling bed. To help you choose specific features  visit our build an adjustable bed feature where you can see the simple step by step options including the prices. We believe in transparency, no hidden extras so that you can see exactly how much your ideal bed will cost.

Let us take the above picture of a single electric bed as an example. From our build a bed feature a 3’ wide and 6’6’’ long bed has been selected. This is the most popular size of a single adjustable bed but as you will see there are many more options available.

Questions you can then ask yourself are, which of our four beautiful suedette fabrics will you select for the base of your new bed? If you decide to add a headboard from our range of high quality craftsman made headboards, this will also be finished in your choice of colour.

Having taken care of the look of your bed we move to the all-important choice of adjustable bed mattress. We have comprehensive information and advice to guide you on our mattress pages.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you. We are committed to bringing you the best possible advice and service. Get in touch with us today and talk to one of our adjustable bed experts. Our freephone number is 0800 074 9866 or you can email us at

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