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Adjustable Beds for Trade Customers

Do you dream of the most comfortable and therapeutic way to enhance the quality of sleep, then you absolutely must buy an electric adjustable bed. Take a tour of our website to find the perfect bed to suit all your requirements at low factory prices.

Adjustable Beds for Trade Customers

On our website is a feature where you can ‘build an adjustable bed’ a step by step guide to help you choose a bed to meet all your requirements. Corresponding prices are shown.

This feature shows the Serena single electric adjustable bed. The mechanism is slightly uplifted at the head end of the bed. With an easy to operate hand control, the electric bed mechanism will raise the upper body providing a good tight sleep and an aid to many medical conditions that a conventional flat bed can not. It also allows you to elevate the foot end independently or the head and foot end together to give you maximum comfort while you are sleeping.

The most popular size is 3’ wide and 6’6’’ in length but we have five other widths on our website ‘build an adjustable bed online’ you can choose up to 4’6” the biggest size and view the respective prices. There is a full range of widths if you wish to select twin adjustable beds. If you have further question about the sizes, please do not hesitate to email one of our experts or simply call our freephone number 0800 074 9866 for help and advice.

As you can see, image 66 shown above, the colour chosen in step three of this adjustable bed base is upholstered in Ivory Suedette. The ivory colour of this profiling bed will add extra sparkle to your home because of its calming off white colour. The neutral colour will match most shades of decor. We have four different colours available for our bed bases but if you have a particular requirement for another material or colour we can manufacture to suit your requirements. Additional charge may apply depending on your request. Another good thing about our suedette material is that it is washable so the whiteness and freshness of the  bed base is preserved.

Although the image will not show the mattress selection please  assume that a pocket sprung mattress has been  selected. This durable pocket sprung mattress allows the springs to move independently of each other when the adjustable bed mechanism is raised and lowered. The pocket sprung  mattresses will give you a high level of comfort and respond to the pressure of a human body making the pocket sprung mattress ideal when combined with the profiling of the bed mechanism.

When you look at the picture above, option three headboard at only £80 has been chosen for the Serena single. High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd is the parent company of Back Care Beds and has built a reputation for high quality upholstery. Although choosing a headboard does not necessarily matter for an adjustable bed because when the head end of the bed is raised you will be resting against the mattress instead of the headboard. The headboard is therefore only to enhance the appearance of your adjustable bed. Again, should you have suggestions for a specific material you would like for your headboard we can arrange this, however an additional charge will apply.

We are sure you will be delighted with your adjustable bed purchase.

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