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Adjustable beds for Father Christmas (and his good wife)

I remember when Santa took his sleigh-driving test. When he arrived back at the grotto ready to load up a delivery of adjustable beds. I asked Santa ‘Did you pass?’  He looked rather pleased with himself, pointed to the sleigh and said ‘Look, no-el plates!’

(It’s nearly Christmas so I had to slip that one in.)

Santa Googling Adjustable Beds

Santa Claus googling adjustable beds

It’s no easy task delivering millions of presents to all the boys and girls all around the world in just one night. Imagine the strain that would put on your back carrying sacks of toys, breaking and entering all those homes. Climbing those ladders and crawling down chimneys. It is no surprise that he has decided to invest in a pair of adjustable beds, one for himself and one for his lovely wife. With nearly a year to rest, who can blame him for wanting to relax in style.

As we all know Santa demands the best quality but he also wants the best prices. The obvious solution is to go direct to the manufacturers in  Back Care Beds Chichester, West Sussex.

Father Christmas had tried to deliver a top of the range laptop but there was no one home. Not wanting to leave such a valuable present un-signed for, he put a Christmas card through the door saying ‘will try again next year’ (perks of the job)

Now Santa is online and Googling ‘Adjustable Beds’ He trawls through the misleading sites and soon discovers the High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd website with its ‘build your adjustable bed‘ feature.

Following the seven step guide Santa can Choose the size and colour of his adjustable beds. Now on step four, which mattress to choose he has to admit to himself that he has put on a few kilos. After reading the very comprehensive information Santa decides on the medium / firm high quality memory foam mattress for himself and the reflex foam mattress for Mrs Claus.

Finishing off the look of the bed with a nice matching headboard and selecting drawers to keep his toys nice and tidy he sits back to admire the adjustable beds and amazing price.

Mrs Claus is startled to hear her husband exclaim at the top of his voice ‘Ho ho ho’ ‘Back Care Beds are having a Christmas Sale’ £100 of each bed reducing the price by £200. Being rather sceptical, Santa phones the Freephone number to confirm that the unbeatable price is genuine. Speedy delivery and installation to impress even Santa Claus. They all live happily ever after until next Christmas when Santa oversleeps because the adjustable beds are too comfortable.

The End (not actually a completely true story)

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