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Additional information about our ‘Reflex Foam Mattresses’ For Adjustable Beds.


adjustable bed mattress

reflex foam mattress for adjustable beds


What is reflex foam, and why is so practical when used with an adjustable bed? Let’s start by discussing which mattresses are not particularly suitable.

Conventional mattresses are not designed to flex. Reflex foam will profile with the movement of the adjustable mechanism. Another reason a conventional mattress is not suitable on an adjustable bed is because the mechanism has four separate moving parts and a static section. When the head and foot ends are raised putting the occupant into a sitting position, more pressure will be exerted in this static area. Our electric profiling mechanism is designed to have adjustable tension in this area to cope with the extra loading. But what about the mattress?

Ask one of our advisers at High & Dry for an opinion on our choice of sprung mattresses and they will explain. We offer a range of five mattresses, all specifically designed for use with adjustable beds. Our entry level Pocketmatic mattress will indeed flex. This is because it is so soft however it will give very little support. Our high quality pocket spring mattress is far better engineered. Foam edges maintain the springs integrity whilst allowing the mattress to flex with the adjustable bed mechanism and provide comfort only surpassed by either our Reflex Foam mattress or either of our memory foam mattresses. The question is, how long will a pocket spring mattress last? All the marketing jargon and sales hype will sound like this is technologically the mattress to buy but have a think. We all know mattress springs soften over a period of use. This effect is less if the springs are packed closer together or a thicker wire gauge is used but a mattress expected to be adjustable requires the springs to be larger and less tightly packed in order for the mattress to flex. This compromise will reduce the life expectancy of the mattress. Secondly, if the springs are not so tightly packed, how will they cope in the long term when the profiling bed is in the slightly raised or in the sitting position with the extra load? I’m sure you can answer that yourself.

Back to our Reflex Foam mattress.

The Reflex Foam® is made using Advanced Polymer Technology and contains negligible melamine. Melamine is a hardener used in foam production and is the main reason that cheaper quality foams will break down with age.

The development of this foam makes it perfect for use in the better quality mattress industry and particularly for adjustable beds. The main characteristic of Reflex foam is that it behaves in a similar fashion as a sprung mattress without the associated problems discussed. As with the principal of a sprung mattress, the foam exerts an equal and opposite force on the body. Comfort is derived by selecting the correct density of Reflex foam. We have taken the stress out of choosing your ideal density by making the mattress reversible.


adjustable bed mattress One side Medium the other Medium / Firm

One side Medium the other Medium / Firm

One side is medium and the other is medium / firm. If you find it either too firm or too soft, simply flip it over. This is a very comfortable mattress especially when used in combination with an electric adjustable bed mechanism. It will outlast any sprung mattress. The big bonus is that we have it priced above the Pocketmatic mattress but below our high quality pocket spring mattress. All these mattress options can be compared on our build an adjustable bed feature.

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