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Image 65

Adjustable bed Image 65

Adjustable bed Image 65


Again the image above shows the Serena electric adjustable bed. Every option selected to suit your own requirements. Try going into a specialist bed shop that sells profiling beds and tell the sales guy the exact specifications you require and see the look on his face.

Or go online and run through the simple options to build your own electric adjustable bed. In this instance an imaginary customer has a relatively small bedroom. As an individual profiling bed it is a good idea to order a bed of at least 3’ width which is 90cm. We make narrower beds if it is not practical to go bigger. Always allow enough space around your bed to safely get around it.


Selecting your choice of colour for your adjustable bed base and headboard is a choice you will have to make yourself. To help you can request samples of our four most popular colours. These colours can all be viewed on our build a bed feature .

On this occasion our imaginary online shopper suffers with breathing difficulties and for this reason the adjustable bed will do wonders. Raising the head end of the bed is considerably better than being propped up with piles of pillows that slip and move. Equally important is being able to raise the foot end of the electric bed. This position cradles the occupant, helping with breathing and at the same time it will prevent them from slipping down the bed.

The mattress selected in this instance is the Pocketmatic mattress. We would like to point out that this is not a mattress we would recommend for any other reason than its low price. In comparison to the rest of our mattress range this offers the least support. Unlike our High Quality Pocket Spring Mattress which is specifically designed for use with adjustable beds, the pocketmatic mattress will not flex as well on the electric bed mechanism. We would suggest that the mattress be upgraded to enhance the benefits of the profiling bed.

Option five, choose a headboard for your adjustable bed? We have selected a range of eight of our most popular headboards. These range from a simple but pleasant flat panel headboard to our range of more elaborate headboards. A profiling bed does not really require a headboard but it does complete the look. Instead of being just another piece of furniture, it has its own character. Indeed our customer has chosen option two headboard for his  bed. A simple flat panel headboard in matching ivory suedette at just £80, as in the image shown above. Our advice would have been to spend the money on upgrading the mattress. Yes it is good that your bed looks nice, but when money is a contributing factor ask yourself why you are investing in a profiling electric bed. The answer should be firstly the health benefits comfort and support. Secondly should be the appearance of your.


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