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Adjustable bed Image 65 from Trade Login area

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

These images can be viewed through the seven options of  build a bed

Image 65

Adjustable bed Image 65

Adjustable bed Image 65


Again the image above shows the Serena electric adjustable bed. Every option selected to suit your own requirements. Try going into a specialist bed shop that sells profiling beds and tell the sales guy the exact specifications you require and see the look on his face.

Or go online and run through the simple options to build your own electric adjustable bed. In this instance an imaginary customer has a relatively small bedroom. As an individual profiling bed it is a good idea to order a bed of at least 3’ width which is 90cm. We make narrower beds if it is not practical to go bigger. Always allow enough space around your bed to safely get around it.

Reflex Foam Mattress

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011


Additional information about our ‘Reflex Foam Mattresses’ For Adjustable Beds.


adjustable bed mattress

reflex foam mattress for adjustable beds


What is reflex foam, and why is so practical when used with an adjustable bed? Let’s start by discussing which mattresses are not particularly suitable.

Conventional mattresses are not designed to flex. Reflex foam will profile with the movement of the adjustable mechanism. Another reason a conventional mattress is not suitable on an adjustable bed is because the mechanism has four separate moving parts and a static section. When the head and foot ends are raised putting the occupant into a sitting position, more pressure will be exerted in this static area. Our electric profiling mechanism is designed to have adjustable tension in this area to cope with the extra loading. But what about the mattress?