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Adjustable Beds for Trade Customers

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Do you dream of the most comfortable and therapeutic way to enhance the quality of sleep, then you absolutely must buy an electric adjustable bed. Take a tour of our website to find the perfect bed to suit all your requirements at low factory prices.

Adjustable Beds for Trade Customers

On our website is a feature where you can ‘build an adjustable bed’ a step by step guide to help you choose a bed to meet all your requirements. Corresponding prices are shown.

This feature shows the Serena single electric adjustable bed. The mechanism is slightly uplifted at the head end of the bed. With an easy to operate hand control, the electric bed mechanism will raise the upper body providing a good tight sleep and an aid to many medical conditions that a conventional flat bed can not. It also allows you to elevate the foot end independently or the head and foot end together to give you maximum comfort while you are sleeping.


‘Pocketmatic’ pocket sprung mattress for adjustable beds

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

More information on our entry level ‘Pocketmatic’ pocket sprung mattress for adjustable beds. Our low cost mattress included when building your bed online

Pocketmatic For Adjustable Beds

For the purpose of having a low starting price we introduced the pocketmatic mattress into our mattress range. We would like to point out that the main benefit of this mattress is that it is cheap. It maybe unprofessional to state that, but High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd has built up a reputation for quality adjustable beds and waterbeds over the past twenty three years. Until the boom of the internet we relied on recommendation from happy customers. If we told customers that this was even a half decent mattress then we would be misleading them. (more…)

Another adjustable bed image linked to our ‘Trade login area’

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

One more adjustable bed image linked to our ‘Trade login area’

These images can be viewed through the seven options of build a bed

Image 64


Adjustable bed

Adjustable bed

Image 64

The picture shown above is of the Serena single electric adjustable bed. You will notice that the head end is slightly raised at the upper end portion of the bed. This electric bed is 3’ wide and 6`6” in length and upholstered in high quality Ivory suedette material. As of now, we have variety of four different colours that you can select  however , if you suggest a colour you would like your bed base, as well as what material to use, we can manufacture to suit your requirement. (more…)