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Low Entry Nursing Care Beds

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Low Entry Nursing Care Beds

New regulations for lifting and handling of patients by carers and nurses mean changes to the standard profiling and lifting beds. A conventional electric adjustable bed that is also a height adjustable bed and designed for nursing care generally  has a height of 40cm from the floor to the bed platform. A risk assessment carried out in a care home or nursing home will generally identify a percentage of residents at risk of falling out of these beds. The cot sides that are intended to prevent falls can actually increase the problem. Information from a local county council relating to the use of bed safety rails.     “Bed safety rails should not be prescribed where the bed occupant is likely to

climb over them to get out. This would be seen as restraint as well as increase risk of injury.”

In other words, if the occupant were to wake up confused and disorientated or feel the need to get out of bed, they may panic and try to climb over the cot side.

Their Recommendation,

• Lowering bed height, if bed is adjustable or raised on blocks. Beds

should always be left at lowest setting to reduce risk of injury from falls.

• Putting a crash mat on the floor next to the bed.(consider trip hazard)

Better than this is the use of a low entry nursing care bed. The low entry nursing care bed should generally be used without the bed safety rails or cot sides raised. The Casa Med Classic FS Low is a particularly good looking homely style nursing care bed which looks better with the safety sides in the down position giving the appearance of a conventional bed frame. For a small saving the Casa Med Classic FS Low entry nursing care bed can be supplied without safety rails.

The low entry nursing care beds should also be used in conjunction with a safety mat or crash mat. A risk assessment should always be carried out for the correct safe product application and use.

Safety Mat or Crash Mat

Crash Mat

Crash Mat

Casa Med Classic FS Low bed (This is the better one)

High Quality Low Entry Nursing Bed

High Quality Low Entry Nursing Bed

Casa Med Classic FS Low bed

The new Casa Med Classic FS Low bed has been specifically designed to ensure the bed complies with the medical directive by maximising the safe working height of 63cm and ensuring the lowest possible position of 23cm is achieved. (more…)