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Adjustable beds for Father Christmas (and his good wife)

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

I remember when Santa took his sleigh-driving test. When he arrived back at the grotto ready to load up a delivery of adjustable beds. I asked Santa ‘Did you pass?’  He looked rather pleased with himself, pointed to the sleigh and said ‘Look, no-el plates!’

(It’s nearly Christmas so I had to slip that one in.)

Santa Googling Adjustable Beds

Santa Claus googling adjustable beds

It’s no easy task delivering millions of presents to all the boys and girls all around the world in just one night. Imagine the strain that would put on your back carrying sacks of toys, breaking and entering all those homes. Climbing those ladders and crawling down chimneys. It is no surprise that he has decided to invest in a pair of adjustable beds, one for himself and one for his lovely wife. With nearly a year to rest, who can blame him for wanting to relax in style. (more…)

Electric adjustable beds to trade and direct to the public.

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

The year is 2011 and the American and European economies are in recession. Many businesses, both retail and manufacturing have suffered the results of the credit crunch. With unemployment rising, taxes rising, fuel and the cost of living escalating it is not surprising that luxury items that worried buyers can do without are the obvious casualties. Although an adjustable bed is a luxury item it is also in many cases an essential purchase and can be surprisingly inexpensive.

It is widely assumed that an adjustable bed is an extremely expensive bed. This is the result of a handful of unscrupulous companies. These companies sell their beds by obtaining leads through various methods such as competitions in a magazine to win something.  The next thing you know, you have a pushy sales guy in your home selling you an adjustable bed at an extortionate price. I have heard of people paying over three thousand pounds for a single adjustable bed. If you have been the victim of this practice or have experienced a relative get ripped off then feel free to add your story and warning by clicking the comments at the end of this article.

Death of the high street from a waterbed and adjustable bed retailer.

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

A short story cut long!

Should we move the retail of waterbeds and adjustable beds from Southsea high street to our factory in Chichester? 

High & Dry Waterbeds had it’s first waterbed shop in the Tricorn shopping centre, Some of you may remember it. That was in 1989 twenty two years ago. Electric adjustable beds and nursing care beds were introduced shortly after and so High & Dry Waterbeds became High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd.

Rather than throwing money away paying rent, High & Dry Waterbeds purchased a retail shop on Milton Road, Portsmouth. Back Care Beds purchased the shop on Elm Grove, Southsea. At the time both were good thriving high street locations.

Waterbed & Adjustable Bed Shop in Portsmouth

Waterbed & Adjustable Bed Shop in Portsmouth

It is assumed that we must find a solution to the decline of the high street but maybe it is just evolution. Why is it such a problem that the local butchers close?

Thirteen years ago we took the decision to merge our two shops for a number of reasons. Firstly was a severe lack of parking, and as we were so close to Portsmouth football ground, on a weekend when Pompey were playing at home parking was almost impossible. (more…)