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Trade Customer Images, Adjustable Beds 62 – 63

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Trade Customers Reference to Images in Trade Login area Adjustable beds

Image 62


Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds



The image shown above is again our Serena single adjustable bed with the head end slightly uplifted. Shown as 2’ 6” wide in an Ivory colour fabric. The Ivory is a calming colour that carries some of the same pureness, softness and cleanliness of white but is slightly richer, a touch warmer.

This time the mattress selected on this single adjustable bed is a Reflex foam mattress (£40 more) which is made from high density foam, this provides comfort and offers support to people who are suffering from back problems. (more…)

‘No Sweat’ anti perspiration Mattress Protector

Monday, July 11th, 2011

NEW ‘No Sweat’ Mattress Protector BANISHES SWEATY DREAMS – SIMPLY! NO sweat – a good night’s sleep just got a lot less sweaty thanks to the folks at High & Dry Waterbeds and Back Care Beds, Portsmouth.

Their latest product – ‘No sweat Mattress Pad’. The anti perspiration mattress protector helps turn a sleeper’s worst nightmare in to a sweat-free experience, night after sweat-free night. Now that has got to be the coolest news for thousands of sweat-plagued sleepers.

Using the latest spacer fabric technology, High and Dry’s innovative new ‘Anti Perspiration Mattress Pad’ aims to enhance the sleep of every owner of a waterbed mattress, adjustable bed mattress and conventional divan mattress– simply and at great value that won’t cause ripples.

Like most effective, science-driven breakthroughs, this one fuses simplicity with industry-leading research and with proven results, you can wave goodbye to uncomfortable tossing and turning caused by sweating in bed. Attractive, 3D-style, spacer fabric is easy to fit and guaranteed to add to your quality of sleep whether you have a temperature-controlled waterbed or an adjustable bed.

Key to the product’s success is the manufacturing process which features vertical strands for optimum loft, and air circulation literally creating an air gap between the mattress surface and your body.

Ventilating air gap

Ventilating air gap

This is particularly helpful with memory foam mattresses which have a reputation for causing sweating. The no sweat mattress protector can be invaluable for a relatively low cost. Just think of the sweat-free ‘Anti Perspiration Pad’ experience as yet another fabulous reason for joining the growing number of satisfied customers who have conventional divan beds, memory foam mattresses or super comfortable waterbeds and adjustable beds.

Profiling and lifting height adjustable bed

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

If you require an adjustable bed but you also need it to be height adjustable.

In situations where an adjustable bed is needed and professional carers are employed it will be a requirement for the bed to be height adjustable as well as having head and foot end adjustment.  There are two types of mechanism that will raise the bed but we have discontinued the power lifting mechanism   in favour of  the all in one profiling and lifting mechanism. profiling-and-lifting adjustable bedIn our opinion the profiling and lifting adjustable bed mechanism is far safer to use. The mattress will sit at a lower height as a starting point. It will also be more sturdy having a larger footprint than the power lifter. Because the mechanism sits within the bed frame rather than free standing on the floor it will be easier to move because it will use our normal castors with brakes.

The only downside is that it is more expensive and will increase the cost of the adjustable bed. At the time of writing this, you would need to add £650 to our build a bed feature. Considering all the benefits, the extra cost is worth paying.

If the profiling and lifting mechanism is to be used next to another bed, a risk assessment should carried out by a professional.

This waterbed was fitted last night

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

This waterbed was fitted last night for a happy customer who previously owned a hardsided waterbed also purchased from High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd. This bed is shown with a four drawer base and Karma headboard. This option is available on our build a waterbed online feature.

There is a choice of four popular neutral colours in this very high quality suedette fabric to really enhance the look of your new waterbed


Olympia Deluxe waterbed with headboard

Olympia Deluxe waterbed

From our build an adjustable bed online feature Options chosen were; (more…)

Adjustable bed and waterbed blogs

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

The wheels are back in motion… This was our first blog and was first started back in January 2010 to get the ball rolling and this is as far as it got. We are now in April 2012 and have published sixty nine blogs. We are getting the hang of it, trying to make them more informative and interesting so that customers can get information, tips and advice. For example our blog on how to empty a waterbed mattress has helped many customers over the years. When we started writing we were given conflicting advice as far as how and why to add blogs to our website.

Keyword density, apparently keywords are picked up by Google to help rank our site higher. Originally we were told that 7% was the ideal density, in other words every fifteenth word should be a keyword. In our case it is ‘waterbeds’ ‘adjustable beds‘ and several other associated words. Not only does that make terrible reading but it is also considered as spam which Google penalizes. Whether we were given bad advice at the time or maybe Google has since changed the way it ranks content and we should only mention waterbeds or adjustable beds about three times in the whole blog. Now we have had to go back through all our badly written blogs and make them readable.

I’ll come back to this blog in a few more years and find it’s all changed again.