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Low Cost Memory Foam Mattress

Additional information about our ‘Low Cost Memory Foam Mattress’

Memory Foam MattressBuying an adjustable bed may be a major investment. It is easy for a sales person to say “don’t worry, with our best mattress, it will only cost around seven hundred pounds” that’s ok but it’s not their money. Quite often the profiling bed is just one of many other necessary purchases and the most expensive is not an option.

One way to reduce the price is to opt for our low cost Memory Foam Mattress.  Still a very comfortable mattress with a pressure relieving top layer of memory foam. This mattress will also flex nicely to the contour or the adjustable bed mechanism.

The reduced price is achieved by using two inches (5cm) of memory foam instead of three inches (7.5cm) that is used in our High Quality Memory Foam Mattresses. Also the base foam is made from high density foam instead of Reflex Foam. Reflex foam will last longer because it does not contain melamine and is specifically designed for the purpose.


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