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Electric adjustable beds to trade and direct to the public.

The year is 2011 and the American and European economies are in recession. Many businesses, both retail and manufacturing have suffered the results of the credit crunch. With unemployment rising, taxes rising, fuel and the cost of living escalating it is not surprising that luxury items that worried buyers can do without are the obvious casualties. Although an adjustable bed is a luxury item it is also in many cases an essential purchase and can be surprisingly inexpensive.

It is widely assumed that an adjustable bed is an extremely expensive bed. This is the result of a handful of unscrupulous companies. These companies sell their beds by obtaining leads through various methods such as competitions in a magazine to win something.  The next thing you know, you have a pushy sales guy in your home selling you an adjustable bed at an extortionate price. I have heard of people paying over three thousand pounds for a single adjustable bed. If you have been the victim of this practice or have experienced a relative get ripped off then feel free to add your story and warning by clicking the comments at the end of this article.

High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd supply electric adjustable beds with a range of mattresses to retailers and distributors both in the UK and abroad.  If you are a retailer and you are looking for a supplier of electric adjustable beds we can help. Our emphasis is on quality. Back Care Beds is a division of High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd. At Back Care Beds we are continually looking to improve the quality of our beds through improved design and materials. We have improved the functionality of the adjustable beds by researching both trade customer and end user needs and requirements over the past twenty three years.

Although we feel we have the best 5 part electric adjustable bed available it is not reflected in the price.  (Specifications can be seen here.)

Manufacturing costs of the adjustable bed and mechanism are based on;

(1)Material costs (2) overheads (3) Production time.

  • Sourcing every individual component globally High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd receives the best price and quality.
  • We have our highly efficient adjustable bed production in Chichester. Our factory is bought and paid for so we are not paying high rents or mortgage. We do not pay shareholders or investors who for most businesses demand a share of profit, instead we are able to reinvest in our business.
  • When we purchased our latest factory specifically for the production of adjustable beds and waterbeds ten years ago all equipment and production processes were set out for maximum efficiency.

So to cut a long story short, High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd supply electric adjustable beds to trade customers for domestic and export markets, and also direct to the public with the best quality and prices possible. It is possible to buy cheaper but if the two beds were put side by side you would wonder how a retailer would consider selling such low quality? A good example is the comparison of our 5 part electric adjustable bed

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