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‘No Sweat’ anti perspiration Mattress Protector

NEW ‘No Sweat’ Mattress Protector BANISHES SWEATY DREAMS – SIMPLY! NO sweat – a good night’s sleep just got a lot less sweaty thanks to the folks at High & Dry Waterbeds and Back Care Beds, Portsmouth.

Their latest product – ‘No sweat Mattress Pad’. The anti perspiration mattress protector helps turn a sleeper’s worst nightmare in to a sweat-free experience, night after sweat-free night. Now that has got to be the coolest news for thousands of sweat-plagued sleepers.

Using the latest spacer fabric technology, High and Dry’s innovative new ‘Anti Perspiration Mattress Pad’ aims to enhance the sleep of every owner of a waterbed mattress, adjustable bed mattress and conventional divan mattress– simply and at great value that won’t cause ripples.

Like most effective, science-driven breakthroughs, this one fuses simplicity with industry-leading research and with proven results, you can wave goodbye to uncomfortable tossing and turning caused by sweating in bed. Attractive, 3D-style, spacer fabric is easy to fit and guaranteed to add to your quality of sleep whether you have a temperature-controlled waterbed or an adjustable bed.

Key to the product’s success is the manufacturing process which features vertical strands for optimum loft, and air circulation literally creating an air gap between the mattress surface and your body.

Ventilating air gap

Ventilating air gap

This is particularly helpful with memory foam mattresses which have a reputation for causing sweating. The no sweat mattress protector can be invaluable for a relatively low cost. Just think of the sweat-free ‘Anti Perspiration Pad’ experience as yet another fabulous reason for joining the growing number of satisfied customers who have conventional divan beds, memory foam mattresses or super comfortable waterbeds and adjustable beds.

Sweating in bed is a problem which plagues a large number of people who trawl internet blogs and forums seeking solutions but sweat-free sleep and Anti Perspiration for many are now to be found right here at High and Dry Waterbeds and Back Care Beds. Our showroom is 91 Elm Grove, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 1JF but you can always order online.

Be one of the first to enhance your sleeping experience by helping the company provide feedback for its new market-leading, sweat-free sleeping experience. High and Dry is seeking a small number of customers wishing to try the new product for half price and are willing to provide honest detailed feedback for customer testimonials. Standard prices for the product are: Single £80, Double £100, King size £120, Super King size £130. We are sure you can do the maths so Single £40, Double £50, King size £60, Super King size £65.

With more than 22 years experience tailoring waterbeds and adjustable beds for quality-seeking customers, High and Dry Waterbeds and Back Care Beds know a thing or two about helping you sleep better, more comfortably and now, with sweat-free comfort.

High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd are number one when it comes to customer service, listening and advising each customer, from providing information, installing and after sales care. A wide range of accessories and online help has helped the business grow in to one of Britain’s leading waterbed and adjustable beds specialists.

Remember too, how much time we spend in bed and just how important a comfortable dry night’s sleep is to our physical and mental well-being. Many of our customers over the years who choose one of our wide range of waterbeds and adjustable beds tell us, with a happy smile, how they wish they had bought one sooner.

Now is the time to let High and Dry Waterbeds and Back Care Beds help make your sleep dreams come true! Find out more, if you are interested in an anti perspiration pad click waterbed or adjustable bed  and ask about our half-price ‘no sweat’ anti perspiration mattress pad special offer. Or call us free on 0800 074 9866.

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