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I got my adjustable bed because i get acid reflux. It’s not a nice thing  to have but that electric adjustable bed has made all the difference. I don’t wake my wife up in the night. she decided not to get an adjustable bed because she’s too proud to admit she gets arthritis, but it would have only cost an extra £100 upgrade. She’s not having mine.

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  1. An Enquiry says:

    I didn’t realize that an adjustable bed was good for acid reflux. My husband suffers from it, we will visit your shop because we only live in Winchester and the bed shop here is selling adjustable beds for about £2000 which is three times as much as yours and the man in the shop said he buys the adjustable beds from High & Dry Manufacturing in Chichester. Is that your factory in Chichester. The same bed on your website is only £699 is that correct? I used your build a bed. please call me on ****

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